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Polish institutions in the world

The 5th Congress of Polish Scientific Societies in the World follows in the tradition of the previous ones. They were intended to maintain the ties and contacts of the Polish diaspora in the world with the homeland. This Congress, in its assumptions, was to serve the debate on the role of the Polish intelligentsia outside its homeland. The exhibition was intended to bring closer Polish institutions functioning in the world, which have often been the mainstay of Polishness for many generations, and in which they carry out their activities. During the 5th Congress of Polish Scientific Societies in the World, representatives of Polish scientific and cultural institutions spoke mainly about their present and future challenges. The expedition presented here dealt with the history of Polish institutions in the world, whose representatives are taking part in the Krakow Congress. It was therefore a form of introduction to the speakers’ papers. It should be added that the institutions presented at the exhibition are selected and important in terms of Polish science in the world, but obviously not all of them. There are, in fact, many more Polish scientific and cultural institutions operating in various countries around the globe. However, this selection alone demonstrates the uniqueness and strength of the homeland’s representation abroad, associated with many research disciplines.