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Polish Siberians in Leicester

Historians from the University of Education reached Leicester in 2010. The mission was led by Dr Hubert Chudzio, and aimed to interview Siberians still living in Leicester and the surrounding area. Accounts were recorded on dictaphones and camera. Twenty-seven Siberians shared their memories. The interviews were characterised by all sorts of emotions, voice breaks, moments of silence… Despite the passage of 70 years, the events lived through are still vivid. Time has not erased them; they still hurt. This exhibition is the aftermath of the mission of the Pedagogical University in the UK. It is also a tribute to the people who hosted us in Leicester, who told us about their time in Siberia and their subsequent lives. They also donated valuable memorabilia, especially photographic documentation. Finally, they showed us how to love Poland and what true patriotism is.